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Simply You is a session for all of you strong and beautiful women out there. The soul of these sessions is to empower and encourage women no matter your age to be simply you. Every woman out there, including me, has things that make them feel less than enough. I want you to know, my glorious women, that YOU are beautiful, YOU are perfectly imperfect, YOU are exactly who you are supposed to be the way you are. 

These sessions will be all things woman and natural, my goal is for these sessions to be makeup free OR at least minimal makeup, no fancy hair - just out of the shower and dried, casual and comfortable outfits that make you feel like you, flowers and frolicking, singing and dancing in the field or the rain, or both! They will also include a Simply You T-shirt and potentially some other paraphernalia to remind you how awesome YOU are. During this session I want to hear your story, what makes you who you are today, the things that make you insecure and the things that make you feel strong. With your photos I will include a letter that is about YOUR story and what makes you beautiful the way you are. If you are interested or know someone who is, shoot me an email and I will send you the pricing and we can set a time up. I am so so so excited to be on this journey with you!!

I want to hear your story and I will tell you mine, I want to dance in a field of wildflowers with you, I want to support you through the tough pressures of life that get you down, I want you to wipe off all of your makeup and let your hair down, I will too, I want to laugh with you and cry with you, I want you to feel strong and powerful, I want to put flowers in your hair and dance in the rain with you, I want to drink wine and lemonade with you. I want to create a TRIBE of strong, powerful, simple, empowered women.  Let’s do this thing called life together.






My sweet sweet friends, I am so excited about this new adventure I am embarking on with you. In preparing to launch this I have been 100 different kinds of confused about where to start. I have been putting off launching this because I have been waiting for the “right time” or for my opening to be “perfect”. Then it him me… isn’t that the ENTIRE point of this, no matter what time, no matter how unfinished, we are perfect. It’s glaringly obvious to me in this moment that WE need this more than ever. When everyone on instagram is perfect and nothing goes out unedited or unplanned we need to be real, we need to be unmasked, unplanned, unconcerned, and unabashedly ourselves. In the coming months I am going to share my story and hope to inspire others to share theirs as well. There was a pivotal moment in my life when my world was flipped on it’s end and I will share in the coming months my story. I can tell you that getting this information wasn’t easy, there were tough days. As I look back on that time I can note a few things. 


  1. God got me through the tough times (and still does)

  2. I found peace in knowing simply, that I am enough. 

As women we live in a world that tells us, we aren’t enough. You aren’t pretty enough, or small enough, or you shouldn't eat cookies occasionally, or you can't go out without makeup on, the list goes on and it's exhausting, friends!

Ladies, the struggle is real.... daily I pray this  “God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…”  it carries me through the tough days and gives me peace in knowing I am not doing life alone. 

Daily I have to remember to give myself some grace. I believe that God doesn’t care if I wear makeup, He doesn’t care if I love cheeseburgers, or if I sometimes have wine with my ice cream, He doesn’t care if my hair is 2 days dirty and in a lopsided ponytail, He’s not worried about my chipped nail polish. He doesn’t care about the zits on my face, or the clothes I wear. I believe that God Simply wants me, and you, and everyone else, as we are.

Simply, YOU are enough.  My story is unique but we all have a story. Even woman has things that make them feel less than enough. It doesn’t matter what age you are, YOU are beautiful. I want to hear your story. 


“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” Song of songs 4:7 



I want to thank my sweet, sweet, amazing, and so insanely talented friend Elaina Janes for taking these photos of me. I so appreciate her kindness and support through the journey I am on as a photographer and artist. I cannot thank her enough <3 

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